New AmeriCorps Background Check Guide

New AmeriCorps Background Check Guide

CNCS has launched a new resource on National Service Criminal History Checks (NSCHC), the NSCHC State by State Guide! This newly-developed resource provides the following for each state and US territory:

For State Checks

  • The CNCS-designated state repository for each state with contact information
  • Information on the cost of state checks through the repository and how long it takes to obtain results, for both name-based and fingerprint-based state checks
  • Details on what types of organizations may request checks through the state repository

For FBI Checks

  • Information on whether an FBI check can be requested through the state repository
  • Links to established CNCS guidance on FBI checks
  • Information and links to the CNCS FBI Channeler, Fieldprint (including cost information and how to register and request checks through Fieldprint)

For NSOPW Checks

  • Information on where to obtain a nationwide NSOPW check
  • Link to the individual state or territory sex offender registry (which can supplement a part of the NSOPW check, in the event a state is not reporting on

Additional Information Provided

  • Whether each state and territory is a closed or open records state/territory
  • Information on CNCS-Approved Alternative Repositories, as applicable per each state/territory
  • Information on State Commissions receiving checks as Authorized Recipients for their subgrantees

This Guide is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. We hope this new resource will direct grantees to the correct source in their state for conducting NSCHCs. You can access the guide HERE. (Please note that the page is best viewed in Google Chrome, as opposed to Internet Explorer.)

To provide feedback on this content or if you have any questions, email

Disclaimer: CNCS provides this guide for informational purposes only and makes reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of the information. You are responsible for determining the suitability of the information and your use of the information in this guide, and for compliance with NSCHC requirements (45 CFR 2540.200 - .207). The information in this guide is presented in good faith and believed to be correct. You assume the risk of relying on the information contained in this guide.

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