AmeriCorps NCCC Applications

AmeriCorps NCCC Applications

AmeriCorps NCCC’s Application Season for the Fall of 2017 (August 21st  – October 16th ) is OPEN! Each year, AmeriCorps NCCC engages teams of members in projects in communities across the United States. Service projects, which typically last from six to eight weeks, address critical needs related to natural and other disasters, infrastructure improvement, environmental stewardship and conservation, energy conservation, and urban and rural development. Members mentor students, construct and rehabilitate low-income housing, respond to natural disasters, clean up streams, help communities develop emergency plans, and address countless other local needs.

Sponsoring organizations request the assistance of AmeriCorps NCCC teams by submitting a project application to the regional campus that covers that organization’s state. The campuses provide assistance in completing the application, developing a work plan, and preparing the project sponsor for the arrival of the AmeriCorps NCCC team.

Who can apply:

  • Non-profits—secular and faith based
  • Local municipalities
  • State governments
  • Federal government
  • National or state parks
  • Indian tribes
  • Schools

Virginia's AmeriCorps NCCC team is based out of the Southern Campus in Vicksburg, MS. This campus operates as the hub from which NCCC teams are deployed to service projects around the country. As a representative of a potential sponsoring organization, you can use the following contact information to get more information about the program, to submit your completed concept forms, applications for consideration, or to request technical assistance from NCCC staff.

NCCC Southern Region
2715 Confederate Avenue
Vicksburg, MS 39180
Tel: 601-630-4040
Fax: 601-630-4071
States Served: AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV

If your organization, or another organization you know, is interested in hosting an NCCC team to support needs in your community during the Fall (Round 1) of 2017, please submit a Project Concept form no later than May 1st . This is the first step in the application process, which Stephanie Gittinger would be happy to discuss with you in more detail. Important: You can apply for as little as three weeks, or for the entire project round. Your organizations identifies the need, submits the Concept Form, and NCCC will do our best to support.


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