Is AmeriCorps Right for You?

Is AmeriCorps Right for You?

The grant application process for 2018-19 Virginia AmeriCorps State Formula Funding is underway! Does your organization have a passion for service and a desire to develop leaders? Grants assist groups in recruiting, training, and placing individuals to address critical needs in your community. AmeriCorps engages thousands of individuals on a full- or part-time basis to help communities address their toughest challenges while earning support for college, graduate school, or job training.  

Local programs design service activities for their team of members serving full- or part-time for one year or during the summer. Sample activities include tutoring and mentoring youth, assisting crime victims, building homes, and restoring parks. AmeriCorps members also mobilize community volunteers and strengthen the capacity of their organizations.

To be considered for Formula funding, a Legal Applicant Organization must meet all eligibility criteria as outlined in the Eligibility Information section of the RFP. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2018. Want to learn more? There are two informational conference calls scheduled to answer your questions: January 29th and February 7, 1-3pm. Call 1-866-842-5779, Password 8047267911.  More information.

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