Senior Corps Volunteer Featured

Senior Corps Volunteer Featured

Recently, the Fairfax City Patch highlighted Senior Corps RSVP volunteer Sue Dussinger who is serving with RSVP Northern Virginia. Check out her story:

"I just cannot say enough about how much volunteering has benefited me," says RSVP Northern Virginia volunteer and engagement leader Sue Dussinger .

Dussinger began her RSVP experience in 2016 after volunteering at an information booth at the Fairfax Fall Festival in the City of Fairfax with then-RSVP volunteer specialist Nadia Hoonan.

"It started me off knowing that I wanted to do more with RSVP," Dussinger said of the experience. She also helped staff the same booth with current RSVP volunteer specialist Carly Hubicki at the 2017 festival.

Prior to joining RSVP, Dussinger had more than a decade of volunteer work under her belt with Volunteer Fairfax's Volunteers for Change program which she says she thoroughly enjoyed. RSVP Northern Virginia is a program of Volunteer Fairfax, Volunteer Arlington and Volunteer Alexandria.

RSVP Northern Virginia will hold an information session on senior volunteerism, Thursday, June 21, at 2 p.m., at the City of Fairfax Regional Library. The event is free and open to the public and you can sign up now by visiting http://survey.constantcontact....

"I get more benefit (from volunteering) than the people I'm helping," she says. "If that sounds selfish well…but I know I'm helping people. It really helps you (as a volunteer) grow a little bit"

With RSVP Dussinger's experiences have ranged from coordinating a monthly group service project at River Farm in Alexandria to helping out at the resume review room at the 50+ Expo (see photo above) in April. She is also a regular volunteer driver for Fairfax County's Volunteer Solutions, another RSVP partner.

"Volunteering is a good way to keep social," Dussinger says. "I have never in my life been a real 'joiner' but once you get into it (volunteering) you can't stop. I love interacting with people."

Dussinger, who after retiring in 2012 began working as a fitness specialist at a local health club, also points to the health benefits of being a senior volunteer. "You really need to stay active. You need to keep moving as seniors," she says.

She became interested in becoming an RSVP engagement leader after working with Ken Kozloff at the 2017 Northern Virginia Senior Olympics.

"I just liked the idea of helping to coordinate and to make it (the event) a good experience for the volunteers" she says. Volunteer registration for the 2018 NVSO which runs Sept. 15 thru Sept. 26 has begun. Those interested in supporting this event should contact Carly at 703-403-5360.

Why does Dussinger recommend volunteering with RSVP?

"I have been involved with two RSVP volunteer coordinators (Nadia Hoonan and Carly Hubicki) and both are excellent. I think that is where it starts. "They seem to seek out opportunities for us and they are laid out beautifully in our newsletter so you get to choose. There will probably be something that will interest you. They (the volunteer specialists) look for different opportunities because they know we are different people."

"I think I can honestly say I have never regretted going on a single volunteer project." She says. "That is a huge thing to be able to say," she adds. "You meet the most wonderful people."

The Fairfax City Regional Library is located at 10360 North St, Fairfax, VA 22030. You can sign up for Thursday's event now by visiting http://survey.constantcontact....

For more information on RSVP, please visit

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