AmeriCorps_Virginia-logo600pxAmeriCorps: The Basics

Welcome to AmeriCorps!

If you are curious about what AmeriCorps is, this is the place to help you begin developing an understanding of what AmeriCorps programming can mean for your organization and your community.

Each day, AmeriCorps members across the nation tutor children and adults, serve meals, support Veterans, participate in disaster recovery, and much, much more.  How much more could your organization accomplish, and your community benefit, with five or ten or twelve or twenty additional pairs of hands?

If your organization is ready to do more, AmeriCorps might be able to help.

  • Do you need a short term team to support a specific project, or has your community recently suffered from a disaster?  NCCC might be a great starting place.
  • Do you need a group of full time individuals who can make a commitment for a year to help your organization with planning, training, board development, and other capacity-building activities?  Think about VISTA.
  • Would 12 to 20 (or more) individuals serving full or part time for ten months to a year help your organization expand its community impact through more direct service?  AmeriCorps State could be the answer.

Although there are similarities among NCCC, VISTA, and AmeriCorps State, each program is different, and can help an organization solve different problems.

AmeriCorps does have a cost associated with it, but we can help you think through how to cover your share.

AmeriCorps can be a challenge to administer successfully, but there are tools and people to guide you.

Take a look at the following materials, especially the AmeriCorps State/VISTA/NCCC Comparison Chart that compares and contrasts the three program types. If you think that one of these might be a good fit for your organization, give us a call! Contact, (804) 726-7931.