2019 Conference Workshops

Our 30 highly-interactive workshops were categorized in three focus areas: Capacity Building, Volunteer Management, and Personal/Professional Development.  

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Fundraising - If You Have to Ask You're Doing It Wrong (Capacity Building)
Allison Scholl, President, Acorn Group, LLC - BIO

Fundraising has to be one of the most hated functions in every non-profit. Board members aren't comfortable and the dynamics between the Executive Directors and Directors of Philanthropy can be wrought with tension. In this session, we'll debunk common fundraising myths and provide you with real-world tactics to help you raise the funds you need to make the world a better place. Shenandoah B

Culture: What Makes for a Healthy Engaged Workplace (Capacity Building)
Elizabeth Scott, CEO, Brighter Strategies - BIO

Culture -- the shared values, beliefs, and norms that guide an organization -- is different in any context. There are, however, some common characteristics of any effective and engaged culture. Brighter Strategies in conjunction with Maryland Nonprofits conducted a nonprofit culture survey that highlighted both the culture we want and the culture we have. Join us to explore what makes up a highly engaged culture and leave with tools to proactively cultivate change within your organization. Shenandoah A

Be the Steward in Stewardship: Why Saying "Thank You" Matters So Much to Your Donors (Capacity Building)
Laurie Rodgers, Independent Grant Writer - BIO

Saying "thank you" and showing your donors the impact of your work is one way to ensure they keep investing with you. With donor retention being a major national conversation currently, this timely workshop will remind you that taking care of your donors with authenticity and enthusiasm matters. This workshop will focus on many tools, techniques and great ideas to keep your donors engaged in your agency's work. Anna

Making the Most of College Student Volunteers (Volunteer Management)
Amy-Leah Joaquim, Coordinator for Community Service, Old Dominion University; Clarissa Mae Calimbas, Graduate Assistant for Service & Civic Engagement, Old Dominion University - BIO

College students contribute their time and energy through volunteerism to their local communities statewide. Learn from staff in Old Dominion University’s Center for Service and Civic Engagement about what students are looking for in volunteer experiences and a generational approach to student volunteer recruitment and retention. Explore data on current college students, volunteer trends, and how to craft volunteer opportunities for your local college’s students. Discover new ways to communicate and market these opportunities to the current generation of students, as well as how to identify your local institution’s resources and ideal staff and offices for partnership. This presentation will assist in bridging the gap between community agencies and untapped student volunteers. Shenandoah D

Pressing "Pause" on Unconscious Bias (Personal/Professional Development)
Anne Gibbons, Outreach Programs Coordinator, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities - BIO
None of us are free from unconscious or implicit bias in our personal and professional lives. However, once we become aware and awake to our biases we can be more intentional in addressing and correcting them in order to become more effective and positively productive. This workshop will review current research on unconscious bias and offer interactive exercises and reflective activities in order to move from awareness to action. Bon Air

The Art of Managing Up (and Down) for Volunteer Managers (Volunteer Management)
Susan Sanow, Special Projects Manager, Volunteer Fairfax - BIO

Whether or not you are officially the boss of anyone or even if you have the word “manager” in the title, chances are that as the leader of volunteers at an organization, you are managing people, projects or both! At this workshop, we’ll consider your roles as a leader to your volunteers and your other voices needed in the management of the entire organization. We will talk about determining what volunteers really want and what your boss really wants… and how to adjust your work practices whether managing up or down. Shenandoah C

1:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

The Context for Innovative Board Leadership (Capacity Building)
Elizabeth Scott, CEO, Brighter Strategies - BIO
High-performing boards are guided by a sound mission and a compelling vision. Within this context, agile boards identify strategies for moving forward. Without it, strategic plans become static and rob leadership of the flexibility needed to be innovative and responsive. This workshop is designed to help you re-frame your organization’s mission as the guidepost for leadership, decision-making, and discussion — and to ensure strategic momentum by leading with vision. Through the use of real-life best practice examples, we will discuss the differences and anticipated impact of operational, strategic, and generative boards. You will also learn the five key elements (and walk away with clear implementation next steps) shared by highly functional boards. Shenandoah A

Cross Pollination: Turning Volunteers into Donors and Donors into Volunteers (Capacity Building)
Mary Maupi, Development Director, Safe Harbor - BIO

The lines between volunteers and donors are often very blurry. People who volunteer their time are shown to more likely financially support an organization. The question then is why is their such a separation between our donors and volunteers? This workshop will explore how to bring down those barriers so that your organization can show appreciation for what both groups bring to the table and engage with them to provide support in new ways. Shenandoah B

Showing Volunteer Impact (Volunteer Management)
Susan Sanow, Special Projects Manager, Volunteer Fairfax - BIO

As a volunteer manager, you make a difference. Your volunteers make a difference, too. Why don’t people notice this? Improving how we communicate our volunteer impact can make a difference to your volunteers (in quantity and quality), impact your organization and increase your job satisfaction. This workshop will talk about data: what you have, what your need and what others can provide (for free) to support your volunteer impact. We will address the wide variety of audiences important to volunteer managers -- whether the audiences know it or not. And we will help you prepare your next elevator speech to talk about your organization’s volunteer impact. This is a great workshop whether new to the field or those who feel like they already know it all, but no one else does. Shenandoah C

The Fight against the Opioid Epidemic: Engaging Virginia’s Volunteers (Volunteer Management)
Kate Bausman, CVA, Medical Reserve Corps and Opioid Response Coordinator - City of Richmond, Va. Dept. of Health; Kristina K Morris, Southwest Virginia Medical Reserve Corps Unit Coordinator, Virginia Department of Health - BIOS

The misuse and addiction to opioids—including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl—is a declared Public Health Emergency at both the Federal and State level, as well as affecting social and economic welfare. This workshop will identify successful ways to utilize volunteers in the fight against the opioid epidemic, highlight strategic partnerships and explore ways you and your volunteers can get involved. Anna

Serving Vulnerable Populations: What Social Workers Can Teach Volunteer Managers (and Vice Versa) (Volunteer Management)
Alison Jones-Nasser, Volunteer Engagement Manager, SOAR365 - BIO

Thanks to decades of research, volunteer engagement professionals have a formal set of best practices that guides our work regardless of the type of organization or cause affiliation. But when our organizations serve client populations designated as “vulnerable,” it’s important that we exceed certain standards and give additional emphasis to others. By doing this, we earn the trust of our social work colleagues, enhance operational integrity, and communicate the message that our efforts directly support the delicate work of human services. This workshop will identify ways in which volunteer managers and social workers can work together to make sure that our vulnerable clients receive the best services and the most sensitive support from both paid and unpaid team members. Participants participate in group discussions to compare specific onboarding and training practices and identify gaps that can be rectified for different types of vulnerable populations. Bon Air

Time Management – Nonprofit Leaders (Personal/Professional Development)
Chris Bennett, Consultant/ Facilitator, The Spark Mill - BIO

Time management is crucial for nonprofit leaders! In this class participants will engage two different of time management methodologies. Then, we’ll look at several different strategies and tools to help participants with time management. Lastly, participants will use all they have learned to design a time-management system that that will work for them. Shenandoah D

3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Creating Community Through Content Marketing & Brand Ambassadors (Capacity Building)
Jolinda Smithson, Business Development Director, Red Orange Studio - BIO

Are you creating and sharing valuable content to increase your impact and create community? Nonprofits and their stories can only travel so far without dedicated content marketing. Consistent marketing helps gain new donors, volunteers, clients and raving fans. You can also create a sense of community through your content and with the right brand ambassador program that amplifies your content's reach into new sectors of the marketplace. Shenandoah D

Sharing Your Story with Donors - the Magic of Effective "Positioning" (Capacity Building)
Allison Scholl, President, Acorn Group, LLC - BIO

We are so proud of what we've accomplished we can't wait to share with our donors, right? We know they care, so why don't they read our eNews? Why is our new program the best kept secret, even among our most loyal supporters? It could be that you're not including them in your success as effectively as you might think you are! Learn to effectively share your story that will leave donors excited to write their next check! Shenandoah B

Volunteer Manager Networking/Round-Table Discussion (Volunteer Management)
Join members of the Greater Richmond Association for Volunteer Administration (GRAVA) and your colleagues across Virginia for a round table networking session. Topics will include professional development resources and the CVA credential, engaging faith based volunteers, databases and technology, volunteers in government, and many more! Chesterfield

How to See in the Dark: Leadership When the Path is Unclear (Personal/Professional Development)
Amanda Noell Stanley, CEO, DePaul Community Resources - BIO

Have you ever been faced with a difficult decision at a time when the stakes were high and you had limited information? Of course you have: In the work of human services, this is our every day reality. Parents, case workers, agency leaders and collaborative teams are faced with critical decisions that affect the trajectory of precious lives - and many times we lack the information we need. In those moments, leadership can be scary and can feel lonely. This workshop will focus on how you can use the tools you already have to help you 'see in the dark' to make the best decisions you can for those you serve. We'll use adaptive leadership models and play with metaphors from the animal kingdom to help us explore the art of finding and showing the way. Participants will leave with tools (read: very cool handouts) that they can immediately employ in their work. Shenandoah C

Lights! Camera! Action!! Presenting Yourself and Your Organization (Personal/Professional Development)
Jane Stein, President, JPS Consulting - BIO

Believe it or not, speaking in public does not have to be scary! How you speak and present yourself in public reflects upon your agency. This serious but humorous session is guaranteed to have every participant ready, willing and very able to go out and talk in public to groups large and small. So this workshop has been designed for those of you who speak before groups or make presentations on behalf of your organization -- in other words everyone! S
henandoah A

5:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

REVIVE! Training (Personal/Professional Development)
Kate Bausman, CVA, Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator, Richmond City Health District, Va. Dept. of Health - BIO

REVIVE! is the Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Education (OONE) program for the Commonwealth of Virginia. REVIVE! provides training to professionals, stakeholders, and others on how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose emergency with the administration of naloxone (Narcan ®). REVIVE! is a collaborative effort led by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) working alongside the Virginia Department of Health, the Virginia Department of Health Professions, recovery community organizations such as the McShin Foundation, OneCare of Southwest Virginia, the Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia (SAARA), and other stakeholders.  This training will cover understanding opioids, how opioid overdoses happen, risk factors for opioid overdoses, and how to respond to an opioid overdose emergency with the administration of Naloxone. Shenandoah C

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

8:45 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Nonprofit Message Makeover: How to Craft a Compelling Message that Connects with Your Audience and Supports Your Brand Goals (Capacity Building)
Jolinda Smithson, Business Development Director, Red Orange Studio; Theresa Ceniccola, Vice President & Chief Marketing Strategist, Red Orange Studio - BIO

Is your non-profit sending the right message? The way you position your brand in the marketplace can make a significant difference in attracting donors, volunteers and your community. Thoughtfully crafted messages are strategic communications designed to resonate with your ideal audience and drive action. Through small group sessions, hands-on exercises and worksheets, group discussions and peer-to-peer brainstorming you will walk away with an audience profile, brand story and key messages. Shenandoah D

Panel Discussion: Striving for Disability Inclusion
Jessica Weber, Rappahannock Goodwill Industries; Alison Jones-Nassar, SOAR365; and Rachael Newcomb-Aroudane, Salvation Army of the Roanoke Valley - BIOS
Discover how to strive for greater inclusion of volunteers in your organization. This workshop is designed to help you successfully match and retain individuals with disabilities to become consistent and valuable members of your organization’s team. Three panelists will discuss their various experiences and techniques for fostering a welcoming volunteer environment for individuals with disabilities. The session will conclude with discussion opportunities that will allow you to walk away with an actionable item for your organization to promote disability inclusion. Shenandoah C

Managing Performance, Inspiring Excellence (Personal/Professional Development)
Vanessa DiLeo, Child Care Program Consultant, Virginia Department of Social of Services - BIO

Join us to explore collaborative performance planning and how to manage your team to success. Learn how to develop and communicate measurable expectations, gain valuable techniques related to coaching and feedback, and develop performance evaluations that are valuable to employees and the organization.  Shenandoah B

Building Bridges: Leveraging Your Uniqueness (Personal/Professional Development)
Mercedes N Kirkland-Doyle, Managing Member, Mercedes Naomi D&I Consulting - BIO

We are better together. The ability to establish effective relationships is critical when leading people to add value to the lives of others. This session will provide an out-of-the-box approach for leaders by fostering real-time dialogue, address current barriers and identify S.M.A.R.T. goals along with best practices that result in resolutions and success. Leaders will experience hands on exercises, role-playing and a mini-project. This workshop will leave participants with an energized, excited, reignited motivation to focus on their well-being!  Shenandoah A

Stay Safe! (Personal/Professional Development)
First Sergeant Austin White, Deputy Director, Virginia Fusion Center - BIO

Does your job as a social worker, home visitor, or community organizer take you into neighborhoods and homes where you sometimes feel nervous or unsafe? That may be a necessary part of your job, but how can you keep yourself safe? How can you protect yourself from unknown substances that could harm you or from violent situations? What do first responders know that you don't know? Come learn from an expert about things to look for when entering an unfamiliar home or neighborhood and some personal safety precautions you can take. Bon Air

“I DARE YOU" - Decide and Renew Everyday (Personal/Professional Development)
Deborah Jones, Owner, Debita Life Coach, LLC - BIO

Many people find they commit yet they really aren’t involved in the entire process of the outcome. After this workshop, participants will have clarity on their intentions for volunteering and focusing more on what matters to them relative to their journey. Participants will also desire to DARE to take inspired action.  Anna

10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Metrics That Tell Your Story (Capacity Building)
Bernadette Wright, Director of Research & Evaluation, Meaningful Evidence - BIO

You need data to make your case to funders -- and to plan and manage your programs. But too many organizations aren't collecting the right data. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create a "knowledge map" to tell your story and select key performance indicators to track your progress. Shenandoah C

What to Do When Your Board Members Refuse to Fundraise (Capacity Building)
Amy Nisenson, Consultant, Amy Nisenson & Associates, LLC - BIO
We all know that our boards play a critical role in fundraising. Unfortunately, some boards are resistant to actively engaging in fundraising efforts. This workshop will offer information and techniques to get your board to be more comfortable with fundraising. Topics covered included the role of the board in fundraising; the role of the staff in fundraising; techniques to get board members comfortable as ambassadors, advocates and askers. Anna

Preparing for the Next Storm - Making Risk Management a Priority in Your Organization (Capacity Building)
Ted Bilich, Owner/CEO, Risk Alternatives, LLC - BIO

The nonprofit sector faces a “perfect storm” of risk – burgeoning demands from vulnerable populations while funds from government resources choke off. Nonprofits know they need to adopt risk management, but most don’t know how to begin, believe they can’t afford it, or rank risk management much lower than other competing priorities. As a result, nonprofits and the vulnerable populations they serve are unnecessarily exposed. In this workshop, Ted will provide an overview of how your nonprofit can begin using risk management principles today to make your nonprofit more agile in the face of uncertainty. Participants should come prepared to speak up and roll up their sleeves. You will be generating ideas to help the sector increase resilience and sustainability, and you will leave this workshop with practical tools to raise awareness in your organization and begin using risk management principles to improve performance. Shenandoah A

Developing Your Agency's First "Real" Fund Development Plan and How to Implement It
Jane Stein, President, JPS Consulting - BIO
How you create your fund development plan is as important as the resulting plan. An effective process builds ownership and accountability among staff and board. This workshop is designed to help you re-think how you create your fund development plan and what should be included in the plan.  Shenandoah B

Kindred & Lacey: Story Detectives - Helping your Nonprofit Uncover your Nonprofit's Most Impactful Stories! (Personal/Professional Development)
Sue Kindred, SK Consulting; Amy Lacey, WCVE-TV - BIOS

Sue Kindred and Amy Lacey are two powerful voices in helping nonprofits tell better stories that will ultimately turn into increased recognition and funding. They have come together in this hands-on, interactive workshop to share the basics of effective storytelling and how to get your nonprofit’s stories noticed in the ever-changing and sometimes overwhelming world of social media. Attendees will learn what makes an effective story and where to find the stories that best showcase their work. Learning who should be telling the story coupled with when and how to promote it will allow nonprofits to utilize all aspects of storytelling to transform their messaging and impact. Bon Air/strong>

You've Just Been Put in a Position of Leading ... What Next? (Personal/Professional Development)
Tejas Patel, Community Engagement/Membership Chair, Team RWB/Rotary International/Lions International - BIO

This interactive and dynamic workshop will provide leaders of all levels an opportunity to learn tangible skills that they can implement immediately to help them lead others. The workshop will be a seminar-style where participants will be able to share their experiences with other participants while at the same time learning leadership skills. Through scenario-based examples and practical application of skills, participants will be able to immediately put into practice the skills and techniques that they have learned. Shenandoah D 

2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

What’s Your Point? Portraying Evaluation Results to Decision-Makers (Capacity Building)
Trina Willard, Principal Consultant, Knowledge Advisory Group - BIO

The majority of organizations collect a vast amount of useful information. However, many of these organizations do not have a firm grasp on how to make the most of their data. In this session, you'll learn that you don't need a team of analysts to make your data work for you. Learn how to use program data more effectively so that you can highlight particular programs or areas of effectiveness, thereby leveraging additional support to sustain your programs. You'll learn how to deliver effective presentations to portray evaluation findings for pertinent audiences (e.g., potential funders, community partners, boards). Specific topics include thoughtful planning for the scope of your presentation, how to determine when you’ve gone off track, and basic principles of data visualization. Shenandoah D

Effective Community Engagement: Models for Success
Charles Cheek, Community Networking Director, Peninsula Baptist Association; William Shackleford, Outreach Coordinator in the Hampton Roads Region, Office of the Virginia Attorney General - BIOS

This workshop will provide participants a foundation for developing, establishing and maintaining effective relational capital within the cities and communities of service. Relational capital includes expanding the table to include those who are usually "on the menu" but are not at the table nor part of the process to arrive at workable solutions that will enhance the likelihood of successful collaboration. Effective dialogues and concepts to engage community partners will be shared in this interactive workshop. Shenandoah B

Risky Business – A Serious Look at Volunteer Risks and What You Must Do About Them (Volunteer Management)
Ted Bilich, Owner/CEO, Risk Alternatives, LLC - BIO

For-profit organizations would never dream of relying on volunteers to perform essential business services. And yet, nonprofits take part in this practice every single day. Considering the absence of rigorous training, hurdles in discipline and termination, and simple reliability -- how do nonprofits deal with the risks involved? Given the critical role volunteers provide in nonprofit operations, organizations need to implement effective policies and procedures to reduce threats. That’s where risk management comes in. In this high-energy, hands-on workshop, Ted Bilich, a nationally recognized leader on nonprofit risk management, will provide seasoned nonprofit leaders with tools for minimizing the chances for volunteer disasters and maximizing the chance of getting the most out of your volunteer efforts. You will leave this workshop with an arsenal of actionable ideas to protect and enhance your nonprofit’s volunteer operations. This advanced-level workshop is designed for seasoned nonprofit leaders (executive directors, CEOs, senior program personnel, volunteer coordinators). Shenandoah A

Strengthening Volunteer Relationships Through Storytelling (Volunteer Management)
Sue Kindred, SK Consulting - BIO

Story brings us together. It solidifies our place in the world, helps identify a common purpose, and provides meaning to our work of creating social change. When we infuse our work with meaningful and effective storytelling, we then shift our perspective from simply raising funds for our organization, to helping all of our stakeholders, particularly volunteers and Board members, tap into their own goals for giving back to their communities. This shift in thinking is necessary if we seek to create true social change and tap into a philanthropic spirit of generosity and compassion – even more so when we are seeking the commitment of time and energy from our volunteers. We often think about our relationships – both donor and volunteer – from a unilateral perspective. Our organization needs something – usually money or volunteer support. And, we tend to see these individuals as people who can provide the money or time to help us meet our mission. While that’s true on some level, it’s also important that we see these contributor relationships as symbiotic. We must see them as a way to help our organizational champions get their own needs met while helping us meet ours. We can truly grow our impact in our communities by using compelling and effective stories to strengthen these crucial and valuable relationships. Bon Air

Communicating Across Generations and Gender (Personal/Professional Development)
Susan Long-Molnar, President, Managing Communications Consulting - BIO

Nothing could be more critical than understanding how your workforce communicates, the impact of different styles based on generational and gender experiences, and what works to engage all in the success of your organization! This training will provide an overview of key differences in communication styles based on generation and gender; discuss the trends and impact of technology on communicating in the workplace environment; and demonstrate new techniques for communicating with different generations and genders to improve engagement and productivity. This workshop will include opportunities for role playing and analysis as well as small group discussions. Shenandoah C