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Welcome to the home of the Virginia Service Commission!

The Virginia Service Commission (VSC) operates within the Virginia Department of Social Services and leads national service and community volunteerism for the entire state by setting priorities for service and volunteerism, serving as catalysts and ambassadors for service, creating a sustainable infrastructure for service and volunteerism, and developing resources for the Commonwealth.

In addition to overseeing the annual grant competition that awards funding to AmeriCorps State and other community service programs, VSC actively works to determine community needs, set policy and program priorities, provide training and assistance, support national days of service, promote service and volunteering, and actively recognize individuals and organizations from all sectors for their contributions within their communities.

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2022-2024 Virginia State Service Plan

With unprecedented times comes unprecedented energy and commitment. In fact, in its examination of post-COVID civic engagement in America, Points of Light found that 82 percent of individuals feel “we all must get involved to rebuild our communities and country” post-COVID-19. Furthermore, 95 percent say they plan to be at least as involved as they currently are in their communities or will do more to support community causes. As proof of this increased drive to get involved, Points of Light further reports that 85 percent of nonprofits have seen at least double digit increases in volunteer requests post-COVID-19, even as a 75 percent dip in donations has placed unprecedented financial strains on nonprofits and community organizations.

Here in Virginia, these trends hold. The Department of Health, for example, has deployed record levels of volunteers to respond to the pandemic, and the selflessness of Virginians has been instrumental in helping Afghan resettlement in the state. These are but two examples of the palpable energy for service that we’re witnessing throughout the Commonwealth, and it is incumbent upon VSC to help Virginians find fulfilling opportunities to give of their time and talents — whether that be through AmeriCorps, their local volunteer center, their school, their faith community, or their employer. Similarly, it’s equally incumbent upon us to provide our partners across sectors with the tools and resources they need to tap and harness this tremendous energy and commitment.

As a recognized state service commission responsible for managing AmeriCorps State programs, VSC commits to developing a strategic plan every three years as required by AmeriCorps. In addition to meeting this requirement, in 2021 the Virginia General Assembly introduced House Joint Resolution No. 543 requesting that the Department of Social Services (and thereby VSC) study ways to increase participation in national service.

Virginia Service Commission releases 2022-2024 State Service Plan