Sixth Grader Honors Dr. King

Serious Clydarius Pinchback, a sixth-grader at OT Bonner Danville Middle school, has a dream. He dreams of a world where we “will live in peace and harmony and respect each other” and we “will not have to feel the pain and anguish of war.” Showing wisdom and compassion beyond his 11 years, Serious was awarded the top prize for his submission to a MLK Day Essay Contest as part of a MLK Day Event, January 18, in Danville, presented by the Dan River Year AmeriCorps program. Serious’ essay made a strong argument of how wars could be avoided by working through our problems rather than trying to force change against the peoples’ will. He ends his essay saying, “at the end of the day, we are all human and we should celebrate our similarities rather than rip each other apart for our differences.”

Serious is an excellent student at OT Bonner Middle School and will be attending the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington this summer as he strengthen his leadership and knowledge in history. Let’s all applaud Serious for honoring Dr. King with his insightful words! Congratulations Serious!

Published on Monday, February 8, 2016

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