9/11 Project Planned in Alexandria

9/11 Project Planned in Alexandria

Volunteer Alexandria  will partner with the Ivy Hill Cemetery to honor those laid to rest by repairing and painting a fountain that was dedicated to the firefighters. In addition, volunteers will landscape and plant flowers followed by a "Character Does Matter" presentation. The project will take place September 10, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.  This volunteer opportunity is open to students, veterans and their families, and the general public.

Inside the entrance to Ivy Hill is a tall stone obelisk which serves as a memorial to seven firemen who were tragically killed in a fire in Alexandria in 1855. The fountain, originally dedicated in 1970 in memory of the Alexandria Fire Department, was rededicated on October 12, 2001, in a very somber service remembering the events of 9/11 and the men and women of the New York City Fire Department. In 2001, the fountain was to be renovated, granite to replace the brick with provisions made to use the sides of the granite fountain as memorials for Fire and EMS personal to be interred around the fountain. No one knew that this renovation would set the stage to rededicate the fountain and memorialize so many fire service personnel that gave “the last full measure,” on that tragic day.

The full inscription on the fountain reads:  "9 11 The numbers used to summon fire and emergency services, have been given a terrible, new significance by the terrorist attack on America. Today, Oct.12, 2001, they rededicate this Friendship Fountain and remember, with awed respect and humble gratitude, all from F.D.N.Y. who gave “the last full measure” on 9 11 2001". The Circle of Honor, with its striking obelisk, together with the flags, the bronze relief, the dedication stone and the fountain form the signature feature at Ivy Hill. 

This is a fine tribute, but the history and very real meaning of this symbol needs to be told and understood.  This is the reason that Ivy Hill Cemetery, its staff, management, and the Board of Directors support the Fire Department, and this service in particular, in any and all ways that they can. This project will have a great impact on the community and its immediate neighborhood because the cemetery has become a pleasing view to visitors as well as refuge too many species of wildlife. It will show care and respect for the ones who deceased and their families. Furthermore, it shares the important story of 9/11 which might be unknown to the students.

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