Stories of Service: James Taylor

Making Sure No Child Falls Through the Cracks

We are excited to congratulate Virginia native James Taylor, who was recently honored at the AmeriCorps State Symposium for exemplary efforts in disability inclusion. James, who struggled with a learning disability himself, was one of four honorees for the Tom Harkin Excellence in AmeriCorps Awards. Serving as a Public Allies Chicago AmeriCorps member, James revolutionized how Chicago Public Schools tracked their diverse learners and brought a great level of proficiency and expertise to his work because of his similar life experiences.  As a student with special needs, James said he was allowed to fall through the cracks, and through his service wanted to ensure that no child would be allowed to do the same. Congratulations James! (Pictured: AmeriCorps Director Bill Basl, honoree James Taylor, and Corporation for National and Community Service CEO Wendy Spencer.)  More about the winners.

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