County Health Rankings Are Out!

The new 2017 County Health Rankings are now available! You’ll find updated data for your county, along with new resources and tools such as the 2017 Key Findings Report which points to rising rates of premature death, notably among our younger generations.

New data and features displayed for your county’s snapshot:

  • A new measure on Disconnected Youth that shows the percent of young adults who are not in school and don’t have a job.
  • A one-click method to find the leading causes of Premature Death in your county.
  • New data that show the differences among Children in Poverty by race.
  • New trend graphs for the Health Care Costs measure.

Updates about the Data Sources and Measures used in the Rankings, Why Ranks Change, and what you can learn from each of our Ranked Measures.

Easy home-page access to our action tools:

  • Roadmaps to Health Action Center – contains step-by-step guides on how to impact health where you live.
  • What Works for Health – helps you find evidence-informed policies, programs, systems, and environmental changes that can make a difference locally.

See how your community is doing now!

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