Getting Financially Fit with AmeriCorps

Community members in Southwest Virginia are more financially free and secure thanks to AmeriCorps. When The Advancement Foundation’s (TAF) AmeriCorps member Kelly Robertson began leading the Virginia Individual Development Accounts (VIDA) program, she never dreamed the impact she would have. The VIDA program guides individuals on how to save for a down payment on a home, business equipment and inventory, or post-secondary tuition payments. Eligible participants received training, support and $8 in match funds for every $1 the participant saves, up to $4,000 in match. Intermediaries determine eligibility, and then work with enrolled savers to prepare them to achieve their goals. Kelly was able to help 31 individuals receive benefits from the program! Kelly conducted a successful Financial Peace class in which she signed up an impressive 42 students (the largest ever). The students paid off an amazing $34,233 in debt and saved $26,713 in just nine short weeks!

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