500 Employers of National Service

The Employers of National Service (EONS) program has reached the huge benchmark of 500+ employers!  These employers value service and in turn support more than one million AmeriCorps alumni and returning Peace Corps volunteers who have the skills and talents to lead America’s workforce. 

President Obama launched Employers of National Service at the AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary nearly three years ago to recognize the valuable skills gained by the 900,000 Americans who have participated in AmeriCorps since 1994 and the 215,000 who have participated in the Peace Corps since 1961. Corporations, small businesses, and organizations signing on to be Employers of National Service agree that individuals who have served through AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps make outstanding employees and will give special consideration to those applications.

Virginia was the first state in the nation to become an Employer of National Service, signing on to the program in January of 2015. Find out more about being an Employer of National Service at http://www.nationalservice.gov/special-initiatives/employers-national-service. Currently looking for employment, Virginia State Government is an Employer of National Service recognizing your service as a desirable asset as a future employee. Visit the State Government Jobs Portal at http://jobs.virginia.gov/.

Having trouble finding employment and looking for a way to give yourself an added advantage in the competitive employment landscape? Find out how to serve as an AmeriCorps member today at https://virginiaservice.virginia.gov/americorps-national-service/be-an-americorps-member/.

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