Stories of Service: Dana Dougherty

Congratulations to Dana Dougherty of Arlington – winner of the 2018 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Adult Volunteer! Dana Dougherty’s passion for healthy living is getting children and families moving in Arlington! Dana began her quest at Oakridge Elementary, an urban school also known as an “international neighborhood school” with a population speaking more than 40 languages. Here she spends countless hours creating and running an “all are welcome” morning fitness program and family fitness nights. Dana also realized the need for students to have “movement breaks” throughout the day in order to refocus on learning. She created 2Fit2Quit, a program that brought awareness to staff and parents about the benefits of “brain breaks” and movement throughout the school day. Through Dana’s efforts, funding was received to purchase exercise balls, wobbly stools, and pedal desks for classrooms. The program was so successful that Arlington Public Schools asked Dana to serve as a liaison for child and family health and fitness. Dana also serves on the Board of Trustees at Calvary Church, serves as the team mom for Arlington Little League, and coaches youth sports. She is currently hard at work educating parents and students about the national drug epidemic in schools, how to combat pressures and make wise choices. The children and families impacted by Dana see firsthand the results of her dedication, her selflessness, inclusive attitude, and empathy for everyone in the community!

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