Stories of Service: Dogs on Deployment

Congratulations to Dogs on Deployment of Newport News – winner of the 2018 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Community Organization! Have you ever wondered what happens to pets when their military owner is deployed? Dogs on Deployment is a nationwide nonprofit organization that assists military members and veterans in finding free temporary homes for their pets during times of deployment, hospitalization, training, homelessness, and other circumstances. Additionally, Dogs on Deployment provides financial assistance to military members and veterans for the care and treatment of their pets when the cost becomes prohibitive. The Hampton Roads Chapter began three years ago and has already become the largest chapter in the country with more than 200 volunteers across the region!

Volunteers participate in all aspects of the organization — fostering animals, public speaking, community and military events, fundraising, and more. With a high military population and a large VA hospital in the region, this important service means that military members don’t have to surrender their pets to local animal shelters – a common occurrence in the past. As part of the national program, Dogs on Deployment has fostered nearly 1,200 pets and provided financial assistance to military members and veterans in excess of $400,000. For veterans and military members and their families, Dogs on Deployment provides invaluable comfort knowing they won’t have to say goodbye to their beloved family member when they are suddenly unable to care for them. They can rest assured that they have an army of volunteers dedicated to making sure they will have a happy and emotional reunion when they come back home.

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