Stories of Service: RRMM Architects

Congratulations to RRMM Architects of Chesapeake – winner of the 2018 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Corporation! RRMM Architects are known for designing and building innovative public buildings and schools in the Chesapeake area, and they have shown that they are just as concerned with what is going on inside the schools as the gleaming new structures they build. Throughout the year, volunteers from RRMM Architects, led by CEO/president Duane Harver, donate countless hours to Virginia Beach City Public Schools. One of the ways they work to utilize their talents and skills is to include students in the planning and design of major projects. Most recently, students collaborated on the Old Donation School building.

The students were consulted to discuss sustainable building practices and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) connections to the project. The building process served as a remarkable teaching tool for the 2nd through 8th graders who were thrilled to see their visions come to life in everything from determining the window colors to designing a Chesapeake Bay watershed embedded into the main hall floor. Through RRMM Architects’ collaborative, innovative vision and processes, students feel invested in the construction of their schools, and benefit from the academic experiences that elevate their learning experience. RRMM Architects’ dedication to service not only results in amazing public buildings in which our young minds can grow, but also provides inspiration for future architects, scientists, and engineers!

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