Stories of Service: Spring Hill Baptist Church

Congratulations to Spring Hill Baptist Church of Blackstone – winner of the 2018 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Faith-Based Organization! Spring Hill Baptist Church is clearly a force for good in the small community of Blackstone. Their 300 members are providing countless concrete supports and, just as importantly, building bridges for better community relations. Spring Hill members can be found distributing food to the needy, holding tutoring programs for students, providing activities for senior citizens, and visiting shut-ins. Spring Hill organizes community-wide worship services, food and school supply drives, job fairs, a community clothes closet, Christmas donation programs, and much more. Spring Hill also works hard to improve race relations as well as relations between police officers and the community. The Church runs a summer basketball program with the police department and provides chaplains for the department. The Church hosted an important program on church security which attracted a large crowd from across the community. All of these efforts have helped Spring Hill Baptist foster open communication between citizens — especially children — and local law enforcement. Spring Hill Church is an outstanding example of community leadership and volunteerism!

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