Stories of Service: Tommy & Jimmy Davis

Congratulations to Tommy & Jimmy Davis of Mechanicsville – winner of the 2018 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Volunteer Family! For more than 15 years, brothers Tommy and Jimmy Davis dedicated their time and talents to providing much needed home repairs and re-building efforts to individuals and families in need. It was Tommy who first became dedicated to home repair outreach when on a mission trip to Romania. Later, he recruited his younger brother Jimmy to help with disaster relief following Hurricane Katrina. The brothers would later commit their lives to service through Resurrection Disaster Relief, a home repair nonprofit serving Hanover and Louisa counties and responding to disasters throughout the U.S. Jimmy went on to also begin a ministry at his church called “Helping Hands” which often works side-by-side with Resurrection Disaster Relief sharing materials and skills with each other. Even in their 70s, they continued to provide free home repair — fixing and replacing roofs; providing plumbing, flooring, carpentry, and making homes safe and accessible for seniors and those with disabilities. They also made several mission trips to hurricane-ravaged Mississippi and flood-impacted communities in West Virginia. Sadly, Jimmy Davis passed away last year, but Tommy continues to honor Jimmy’s big heart and willing hands. There is no way to truly know the number of people impacted by Jimmy and Tommy since they first picked up a hammer to help someone going through a tough time. The impact of their commitment to service, building and carpentry skills, and their dedication to their faith have touched hundreds and hundreds of lives. Their impact provides a shining example of how to find meaning and purpose through service.

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