Stories of Service: Denise and Michael Forgione

Congratulations to Denise and Michael Forgione of Chantilly – winner of the 2019 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Volunteer Family!  For many low-income, mentally challenged and disabled adults in Northern Virginia, Denise and Mike Forgione have provided the support they need to live active and independent lives. Denise discovered her passion service while working for Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers as the Money Management Program Coordinator where she helped individuals manage their finances so that they could retain their independence. During this time, she helped the program grow more than 300 percent, and also volunteered along with her husband Mike for several programs within the organization. When illness prevented Denise from being able to commute to work, Mike drove her and stayed to volunteer. When Denise could no longer work, Denise and Mike continued to serve as volunteers for in the Money Management Program. In addition, Denise and Mike started a small charity “A Child’s Joy,” in which they collect donated new toys, candies and handmade Christmas stockings stuffed by volunteers and distributed to more than 1,000 children across Northern Virginia.

The Forgiones have improved many individuals’ lives in so many ways – helping them manage their finances, finding and helping with secure housing, arranging for delivery of adequate and nutritious food, and advocating for them when these disabled individuals cannot speak for themselves. They volunteered nearly 400 hours this past year, mostly in the area of Money Management, transportation for dialysis patients, and home delivery of supplemental food from the area’s food banks to home-bound seniors and disabled adults.

Denise and Mike are caring, involved, selfless and passionate about their beliefs and about helping the community. They are always looking for ways to improve the lives of our seniors and disabled care receivers and others in the community. Because of their continuing dedication to service, mentally challenged or disabled adults live better, happier lives — able to remain living independently with the assistance they need.

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