Stories of Service: Deenia Carico

AmeriCorps State Member of the Year
(Robert E. Wone Award for Exemplary Service)
Deenia Carico, Carroll County Public Schools Lift Up AmeriCorps, Hillsville

Following a lifetime of service in teaching, Deenia continued her passion for education by joining AmeriCorps where she serves by tutoring at Oakland Elementary in Galax. In her fourth year of service, Deenia has a strong collaborative relationship with the teachers at her school and has successfully trained three new AmeriCorps members. She is also passionate about serving her community — not only taking each of the National Days of Service to heart, but also active in volunteer projects throughout the year. Deenia was instrumental in planning and implementing four annual launch events, 43 community service projects as part of the AmeriCorps program, and 15 other outside projects. Her team regularly collects more than 2,000 non-perishable food items for Carroll County’s Christmas food boxes (nearly double what larger and more affluent schools collect!). Deenia even started a new community service effort at the local soup kitchen in Galax where she conducts activities and crafts for children following mealtime. Always looking for new ways to serve others, Deenia Carico exemplifies the spirit of service of the Robert E. Wone Award.

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