Your AmeriCorps Program – Terms and Conditions

CNCS publishes both General and Specific Terms and Conditions for each program year. These Terms and Conditions are updated annually with changes from the prior version listed at the beginning of the document. These documents outline the program, financial, and administrative compliance requirements for recipients and subrecipients.  They include binding requirements on your award established by CNCS which, when not met, can result in corrective actions, including disallowances.

Key Areas to Review

General Terms and Conditions

  • Financial Management Standards (III.B.)
    • See also 2 CFR Part 200
  • Role of the Office of Inspector General (III.G.)
    • Independent audits
  • Reporting of Fraud, Waste and Abuse (III.H.)
    • Complaints, investigations and Hotline information
  • National Service Criminal History Check Requirements (III.F)
  • Conflict of Interest (III.T.)
    • Written standards of conduct
  • Identification of Funding (III.M)
    • Explanation of federal funding in documents describing your program

Specific Terms and Conditions (takes precedence over General Terms and Conditions if there is a conflict between the two)

  • Member Recruitment, Selection, and Exit (IV.)
  • Prohibited Activities (V.C.)
  • Recordkeeping (IX.A.)
  • Breaches of PII (XVII.)

The Terms and Conditions can be found here: