Creative Advising in COVID-19 Times

Creative Advising in COVID-19 Times

For Virginia College Advising Corps (VCAC), school closures provided an opportunity to implement new approaches to accomplish advising goals. Before COVID-19 stay at home orders, advisors met face-to-face with students to assist with the college process. Since the outbreak, members are using a number of creative strategies to provide easily accessible, up-to-date information for students and support their educational and career goals.

  • AmeriCorps member Kendall Jordan is hosting near-daily IG live chats to answer questions and share resources with George Washington High School students. In one of his first sessions, he was joined by VCAC alum Robin Yeh.
  • Member Reilly Park and John Marshall High School Future Center Director (also VCAC alum!) Brittany Everett were recently recognized by Richmond Public Schools for the countless one-on-one phone calls they've made to guide seniors through the college and career planning process.
  • Member Melody Lipford built a new website to keep students informed about scholarship deadlines, shifting application dates, and online resource tools.

Nice job AmeriCorps members! You are showing that, even during a pandemic, you are committed to helping your students achieve their college dreams!

Author: ovcs_admin