Stories of Service: Aniyah Hubert

Congratulations to Aniya Hubert – winner of the 2020 Governor’s Volunteerism and Community Service Award for Outstanding Young Adult Volunteer! Aniyah, a senior at Averett University, began volunteering at a young age and continued throughout her high school and college career. She has served organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Bacon Street Counseling Center, Thrive Peninsula Food Pantry, Sister4Sister on campus service group supporting young girls, and online as a crisis textile to aide individuals experiencing trauma. A double major in Marketing and Psychology, Aniyah was just inducted in the National Society of Leadership of Success because of her high academic achievements.

Recently, she coordinated with after school sites to partner with Averett University for a “physical fitness party” to promote healthy living and friendship. By working with the universities sports teams, athletic departments, and intramural groups, she hopes to get engage 80-100 students in a day of sports and activity. Through her work with Sister4Sister, she has also helped lead new and innovative volunteer efforts this year and received a $500 sponsorship from Middle Border Forward to support two local women’s shelters. Her group was able to purchase, organize and stuff more than 40 care packages for the women who need to use the emergency shelters.

To become a counselor for the crisis textile hotline, she had to complete more than 30 hours of training before she was qualified to start “counseling” and being able to support texters. These clients are going through personal crisis such as losing a loved one, depression, suicidal thoughts, or coping with a breakup. She also assisted younger students on campus this year as an Orientation Leader for freshman orientation week and was able to work with dozens of new students and help them acclimate to campus life.

Recently, Aniyah has decided to continue her commitment to service by becoming an AmeriCorps member as a STEM/Literacy Developer for the Danville Church Based Tutorial Program helping coordinate and lead STEM and reading programs at an afterschool site. Already, the children at her service site gravitate to her and treat her like their “mama” which she is often called. All of these volunteer experiences are impacting lives in many different and substantial ways. She has helped stop hunger, support healthy living, changing children’s lives, and counseling those in need – and she’s just getting started as a committed life-long volunteer!

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