NCCC Teams in Virginia

AmeriCorps NCCC teams have been making a real impact in communities all over Virginia over the past few months! NCCC engages teams of members in short-term (6-8 weeks) projects in communities across the U.S. Projects address critical needs relating to: Environmental Stewardship, Urban and Rural Development, Energy Conservation, Infrastructure Improvement, and Disaster Response & Rebuilding.

The following is a list of where teams have served recently in Virginia:

  • An NCCC team recently finished a project at Natural Bridge State Park. Because the park has been seeing a lot of increased usage due to the pandemic and due to a recent flash flood, there were a number of repairs and improvements needed. This team is currently serving in Richmond with the Enrichmond Foundation on a historic preservation project. (Check out photos on Facebook!)
  • One of the NCCC specialty Forest Teams is serving near Blacksburg by responding to a recent wildfire and working with prescribed burns and other aspects of wild land fire management through the U.S. Forest Service. (Check out stories about Team Leader Kira Garkjen and see more photos on Facebook!) For more information about the special Forestry Teams visit
  • An NCCC team also served with Manassas National Battlefield in Manassas recently. In addition to a huge spike in visitors due to the pandemic, the park has also seen a huge rise in their number of search/rescues for visitors lost on trails. An NCCC team is currently serving there now conducting a series of assessments in order to lead to better marked trails and decrease the number individuals getting lost.

Want to learn more about hosting an AmeriCorps NCCC team? Visit or contact Stephanie Chan,