Life After AmeriCorps

Member Celebration FAQs

Please review the following resources prior to attending this event. Included are tips and tools to help you get the most out of this virtual experience, as well as supplemental resources to the content we will provide.  Recordings and any handouts can be found on our website following this event In the AmeriCorps Resource Portal under Member Resources.

What are the Objectives of this event?

  1. Goal: Life after AmeriCorps is designed to help further enhance AmeriCorps members' post-service progress through life, professional development and beginning their careers.

  2. Objectives: An increase in participants' knowledge of basic concepts and preparation to navigate roadmaps for growth and success.

  3. Outcomes: Participants' will improve their knowledge of basic concepts in career preparation for LAA. Knowledge base will increase by 25%

Who do I contact for Tech Support if I'm having issues?

  • Leanne Costantinidis, test or call 434-242-8658

What is the link to enter the virtual event?

The link will open at 9:00 a.m. on June 3, 2022.
Meeting ID: 161 816 6733
Passcode: 807608

What are some important links/resources I should have access to before, during, and after this event?

What Best Practices to get the most out of this event?

This event will be delivered as a Zoom Meeting. Please make sure to be actively engaged in these sessions to get the most out of the content. Remove all distractions (including muting your cell phone) prior to logging on. You may also want to maximize your bandwidth by closing additional applications on your computer/tablet. There will be some breakout sessions with the workshops being conducted in said breakouts. Make sure to take breaks during the designated times!

  • Workshops
    • You preselected which workshops you wanted to attend
    • You will have the ability to move yourself in and out of the workshop breakout rooms
    • Take a picture of instructions before you enter the room
  • Networking Activity
    • More information coming soon.
  • Audio
    • All participants will enter the Zoom Meeting in Muted and will remain muted unless you or the speaker unmutes you to speak. 
  • Video
    • We encourage you to share your video as much as possible to better engage with each other and the speakers.
  • Chat/Q&A
    • Please make sure to put your questions and comments in Chat and use the emoticons.
    • All comments and questions will be monitored.
    • The Host will let you know when the speaker prefers to respond to Chat communications.
  • Other Tools
    • POLLS: Our speakers may launch polls for you throughout their session. Stay alert and engaged because your feedback is important! 
    • EMOTICONS: You will be able to use emoticons for Reactions at any time. Note - make sure to lower your hand if you raise it. Use it as a response, not to ask a question (use Chat & Question for questions)

Where can I find the post event survey?

Do you have any additional Zoom tips? 

You will use Zoom Breakout Rooms to attend one of the concurrent sessions during those times. You will choose your Breakout Room by the title of the session you'd like to attend. For assistance on how to choose a Breakout Room, please see the document below. 

Additional Handouts

Coming soon.