Virginia’s New State Service Plan

The Virginia Service Commission has released a sweeping new 2022-24 Virginia State Service Plan which outlines strategies and goals to align volunteerism and service with critical needs in our communities. As the pandemic magnified the social, economic, and health disparities across the state, our grassroots volunteerism and civic engagement efforts provided huge support in countless ways. The Virginia Service Commission recognizes the power of service as a means to meet the challenges we face and has worked to provide a plan with the intent to further instill a commitment to service, connect organizations across all sectors, and ensure that individuals and organizations have the resources they need to make an impact.

Utilizing information gathered through a combination of surveys, stakeholder interviews and workshops, and comparative assessments of state service plans, the plan targeted critical needs and barriers to form three core strategies:

  1. Build a Stronger Culture of Service, Volunteerism & Civic Engagement – The plan seeks to increase the culture of service and civic engagement through targeted efforts such as increasing incentives and benefits for national service members and developing a Civic Health Index for Virginia.
  2. Build a More Representative, Integrated & Aligned Network of Partners – The plan creates a strategy for building a more cohesive network of partners by conducting an inventory of players in the ecosystem and ensuring a network of partners that reflect the diversity of Virginia.
  3. Build a More Robust Resource and Support Infrastructure – The plan looks to potential funding sources and strengthening existing initiatives and community programming.

To learn more about our research findings, how we support organizations, and how we’re putting our state service plan into action, contact Kathy Spangler, Executive Director, Virginia Service Commission, at

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