National Service Recognition Day Project Ideas

All types of events are encouraged, however the your event should focus on the following goals:

  • Highlight how county officials and mayors use national service to solve their local challenges.
  • Thank national service members for their commitment and impact
  • Build public awareness about the value and impact of national service to the nation’s cities and counties
  • Highlight the role that national service plays in managing volunteers to focus and amplify their impact
  • Provide opportunities for county officials and mayors to communicate about the impact of national service to national policymakers
  • Generate press coverage and online discussion about county officials and mayors supporting service.

Ideas for Events

County officials and mayors are encouraged to hold a public event, issue a proclamation, and use media to highlight the impact of national service. Here are several ways county officials and mayors can participate:

  • Announce your county/city is becoming an Employer of National Service (
  • Issue a proclamation naming April 2nd as Recognition Day for National Service
  • Visit national service programs or projects in order to highlight their value to the county/city
  • Invite national service programs to a public roundtable to discuss how they address county/city problems Issue a press release or report on the scope and impact of national service in your county/city
  • Serve with a national service program as a “member” for a day to highlight their important work Use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to thank national service members in your community
  • Write an op-ed or letter to the editor about the unique contributions of national service your county/city.
  • Take a group photo with all national service members in your county/city.
  • For more ideas, download the CNCS Communications Guide.