National Service Recognition Day
Media Resources & Ideas

Using Social Media

Encourage officials to use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to thank national service members serving in your community. (Visit link for social media hashtags and sample messages.) Use the web banners and badges found on the CNCS National Service Recognition Day for National Service resources webpage.

Pitch the Media

Encourage officials to talk about national service in their weekly press conference or other media venue. Officials could issue a press release on the scope and impact of national service in your county or city. Encourage officials to write an op-ed or letter to the editor about the unique contributions of national service in your city/county. (Samples of a media advisory, press release, and op-ed.) Send your press release to and to highlight activities across the state and country in press outreach.

Many county officials and mayors have access to video services or local cable channels. Put together a short video that shows what national service is doing in your city or county, including interviews and B-roll with national service participants, soundbites from city or county officials, and shots from your Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service activities. Post it on your YouTube channel, play it through local cable stations, and send a link to

Individualized Talking Points

More than [# OF PARTICIPANTS] AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers serve in our city/county, providing vital support to county residents and improving the quality of life in our county. You don’t hear their stories on the nightly news, but every day they head out, quietly and without fanfare, to improve lives and strengthen communities.

[GIVE EXAMPLES OF NATIONAL SERVICE ACTIVITIES AND IMPACT] As a county official/mayor, I am grateful for the dedication and sacrifice of these citizens, who are helping make our great county stronger, safer, and healthier. I have seen their impact first-hand, and know that national service is a cost-effective strategy to meet critical county needs.