Promoting National Service Recognition Day Events

Utilize local media resources, CNCS and OVCS outlets and social media to promote your event!

Social Media

OVCS wants to help you get the word out about your projects and share you success stories!

  • Share information with OVCS on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Share with CNCS at
  • Follow @VAservice on Twitter, @VirginiaService on Facebook, and @servevirginia on Instagram
  • Use the hashtag #NationalServiceWorks
  • Office CNCS accounts are @AmeriCorps, @SeniorCorps, and @NationalService.

Twitter (Sample Tweets)

Make sure to take and share your photos!

  • Excited to thank @AmeriCorps and @Senior Corps on @NationalService Recognition Day. #NationalServiceWorks for [JURISDICTION].
  • #NationalServiceWorks for [JURISDICTION] because _________________.
  • RT to thank the [#] @AmeriCorps & [#] @SeniorCorps members serving in [JURISDICTION] on @NationalService Recognition Day.
  • #NationalServiceWorks/#AmeriCorpsWorks/#SeniorCorpsWorks for [#EDUCATION/ #VETERANS/#HUNGER, etc.] in [JURISDICTION] through [ORGANIZATION].
  • [#NUMBER] @AmeriCorps & @SeniorCorps members are helping to make [JURISDICTION] stronger, safer, and healthier. #NationalServiceWorks.

Facebook (Sample Posts)

  • Post your thank you message along with a photo or graphic. Ask the national service members, volunteers, and alumni to tag themselves in it.
  • Facebook users love fill-in-the-blank questions, so post something like: “National Service works for
    [COUNTY/CITY] because ________________.”


Take and share lots of photos of county officials or mayors surrounded by national service members, whether at the
county/city building or on a service site. Participants in the photo should be holding the “National Service Works for (County/City Name)” sign that can be found on the CNCS Resource page.