For AmeriCorps Members

You’ve joined AmeriCorps, and Virginia will be a better place as a result of your service. Thank you!

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Life After Your AmeriCorps Service

As an AmeriCorps member, you learned valuable work skills, earned money for education, and developed an appreciation for citizenship. As a proud alum, you have a unique opportunity to share your experience, knowledge, and resources in the classroom, the workplace, and your community. Still, preparing for “Life After AmeriCorps” can sometimes feel like a daunting task. We’re here to help! We have resources to help you stay connected, learn about education opportunities and your ed award, and find a job.

Download this helpful guidebook with all kinds of tips and resources to your next great adventure! This guide includes resume tips, interviewing advice, job opportunity resources, and much, much more! 

AmeriCorps alumni are bound together by a common commitment to service and a desire to participate as active members in their communities. Learn how how you can continue your commitment “this year and beyond.”

Your AmeriCorps service has provided you with valuable workplace skills sought after by employers! As the first state named an Employer of National Service, Virginia businesses and organizations are looking for you!