AmeriCorps brings people together to serve communities. AmeriCorps members serve directly with organizations and nonprofits to tackle our nation’s most pressing challenges.

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Is your organization dedicated to strengthening your community?

AmeriCorps is here to help. AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers support nonprofit, faith-based, and community organizations across the country in a variety of ways. AmeriCorps supports organizations by providing people power and funding. Organizations are eligible to apply for people power and funding to develop and expand their organizations. When you partner with AmeriCorps and the Virginia Service Commission, you join a vast network of national and local nonprofits, schools, government agencies, faith-based, community organizations, and other groups committed to strengthening their communities through volunteering. Each year, AmeriCorps provides crucial funding and people power to over 2,000 nonprofit partners nationwide.

AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors Programs

AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors programs exist throughout the service and volunteer landscape. See full program descriptions below!

AmeriCorps State and National

Are you an organization looking for grants that support AmeriCorps members in meeting critical needs in the community through primarily direct service?

AmeriCorps VISTA

Are you an organization looking for resources to help overcome poverty in the local community, primarily through capacity building?

AmeriCorps NCCC

Are you an organization looking for a team of AmeriCorps members that can complete service projects responding to local communities' needs?

AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparents

Are you an organization looking to connect volunteers with children who need extra support?

AmeriCorps Seniors Senior Companions

Are you an organization looking to connect volunteers with seniors living independently?

AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP

Are you an organization looking to connect individuals with volunteer opportunities throughout the community?

AmeriCorps State and National

Grant funding is awarded through the Virginia Service Commission to public and nonprofit organizations to support their AmeriCorps program. Organizations including faith-based and community nonprofits, education institutions, and public agencies utilize the funding to recruit, train, and support AmeriCorps members in providing direct service to the community. AmeriCorps State and National programs meet critical community needs in education, economic opportunity, veteran and military family services, health, the environment, and disaster services across Virginia. Find out more about the AmeriCorps State grant application process.

AmeriCorps VISTA

Eligible applicants submit project applications to AmeriCorps for capacity building support to fight poverty across America. VISTA project applications request "people-power", or individuals to be placed full-time for one year with nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and tribal governments to expand reach and deepen impact in making sustainable change that alleviates the impact of poverty. Through fundraising, volunteer recruitment, program development, and more, AmeriCorps members gain experience and leadership skills that put them on track for a life of service in the public, private, or nonprofit sector. While there may be responsibilities for the awarded organizations to pay a small cost-share per AmeriCorps member serving with a VISTA project, there is no grant funding awarded directly to the organization. AmeriCorps manages the living allowance for VISTA members. For more information, contact Lora Grady, Senior Portfolio Manager, at or 202-815-4983.

AmeriCorps NCCC

Community organizations, public entities, and coalitions can submit project requests for support from AmeriCorps NCCC. AmeriCorps NCCC engages 18–26-year-olds as AmeriCorps members that serve on teams and are deployed to project sites for 3-13 weeks at a time. Whether building homes for families in need or accelerating our nation’s capacity to respond to a crisis, AmeriCorps NCCC members engage in a variety of community identified projects during their service term, while developing leadership, teamwork, and professional skills. To learn more about requesting an AmeriCorps NCCC team to serve with your organization or in your community, contact Stephanie Chan, NCCC Assistant Program Director, at or 601-630-4066.

AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions

Organizations receive funding from AmeriCorps Seniors to engage low-income Americans aged 55 and older as volunteers, and provide a modest living allowance to help support the volunteers throughout their service term.

Foster Grandparents provide one-on-one mentoring and academic support to children with special or exceptional needs. In 2020, Foster Grandparents in Virginia served more than 770 young people with special needs.

Senior Companions serve other older adults through offering supportive, individualized services to help home-bound seniors and other adults maintain their dignity and independence. in 2020, Senior Companions in Virginia provided independent living support to more than 170 individuals.

To learn more about applying for AmeriCorps Seniors support, please contact Lora Grady, Senior Portfolio Manager, at or 202-815-4983.

AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP

Volunteers engaged in AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP programs meet critical community needs through direct service projects serving their local community. There is no income eligibility to serve in AmeriCorps RSVP, and engages over 2,000 Virginians every year. For more information on how to apply for funding to support an AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP program, contact Lora Grady, Senior Portfolio Manager, at or 202-815-4983.