AmeriCorps Funding FAQs

What is AmeriCorps?

Answer: AmeriCorps is a federally-funded program that gives citizens the opportunity to engage in full or part-time service to their local community. The network of local, state, and national service programs within AmeriCorps connects more than 70,000 Americans each year in intensive service to meet our country’s critical needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment.

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Is my organization right for AmeriCorps?

Answer: For complete information on how an AmeriCorps grant can help your organization, visit

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What do AmeriCorps members do?

Answer: Members in Virginia serve with organizations such as Virginia State Parks and CARITAS, as well as many other national, state, and local nonprofit organizations. AmeriCorps members recruit and train volunteers, tutor and mentor at-risk youth, make schools and neighborhoods safer, build and rehabilitate homes, clean rivers and restore parks, help seniors live independently, provide health care in underserved rural communities, and provide emergency and long-term assistance to victims of natural disasters, among other things.

View the listings and brief overviews of operating Virginia AmeriCorps State programs.

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Who can be an AmeriCorps member?

Answer: An individual must be a U.S. citizen, national, or legal permanent resident alien of the U.S. to be an AmeriCorps member. For AmeriCorps State, an individual must be at least 17 years old, although some service opportunities require an individual to be at least 18. For AmeriCorps VISTA, an individual must be at least 18 years old. For most programs there are no upper age limits. Some programs have specific skill requests in certain areas, and others look for a bachelor's degree or a few years of related volunteer/job experience. For others, an individual’s motivation and commitment may be the primary requirement.

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Who can apply for AmeriCorps funds?

Answer: AmeriCorps funds can be awarded to state and local nonprofit organizations; community and faith-based organizations; state, local, and higher education institutions; state and local governments, U.S. Territories.

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How do I apply for AmeriCorps funds?

Answer: Organizations interested in applying for funding for a potential AmeriCorps State program must submit its application in response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by the Office on Volunteerism and Community Services (OVCS),

Proposals Received After The Deadline Will Be Returned Without Consideration.

Organizations interested in applying for funding for a potential AmeriCorps VISTA program please contact the Corporation for National and Community Service Virginia State Office at,

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