Organizational Standards

Organizational Standards Resources

Organizational Standards are a capacity-building tool to help ensure agencies not only operate in accordance to the law, but also function at a high, best practice level.

The Community Action Organizational Standards focus on three broad areas: maximum feasible participation (i.e., consumer and community involvement in assessing needs and coming up with solutions); vision and direction (i.e., organizational leadership/governance and strategic planning); and operations and accountability (human resources, fiscal, data evaluation). 

A task-force comprised of Staff from both private and public Virginia Community Action Agencies developed several resources for Virginia Community Action Agencies. The National Community Action Partnership also developed several resources for agencies to utilize in meeting the standards.

Virginia Task-force Created Documents

Virginia Task-force Created Templates

Virginia Organizational Standards Webinars

Community Action Partnership Resources

The Community Action Partnership conducted a webinar with information on each of the eight Organizational Standard Categories. The recordings as well as toolkits for each category can be found on their website.