Virginia CSBG Agencies

In 2015-2016 Virginia's Community Action Agencies produced significant positive outcomes for people and communities in need. Programs and services are provided by 31 agencies in more than 90% of Virginia's counties and cities.

In 2015-2016, Virginia Community Action Agencies:
  • Provided programs and services to over 163,000 low-income individuals in Virginia. Of those served, 76% of families were in poverty, and 40% were in severe poverty.
  • Served vulnerable populations including 34,000 children, 18,000 people with disabilities, 26,000 seniors and 35,000 people who lacked health insurance.
  • Administered budgets of over $124 million.
  • Including all federal sources and volunteer hours, leveraged over $11 for each dollar of community services block grant funding.

Use the map below to find a Community Action Agency near you.

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