Faith and Community Initiative (FCI)

The VDSS Faith and Community Initiative (FCI) will work with Virginia’s faith and community organizations (FCOs) to increase the health and wellness of Virginia’s families, particularly those that interface with the family welfare systems, and to increase substance use disorder (SUD) prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Summary of Virginia's FCI

Here are some resources to help strengthen your congregational and community support network.

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Nutritional Assistance SUD Resources Foster Care & Adoption 

Senior Resources Child Care


COVID-19 Resources for Faith and Community Leaders Webinar

COVID-19 has impacted the daily life of Virginians significantly. The Virginia Department of Social Services is dedicated to ensuring that all families are supported thoroughly during this unprecedented time. We partnered with the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Health Equity for the COVID-19 Resources for Faith and Community Leaders Webinar. The purpose of this webinar is to provide faith and community leaders with the tools needed to continue offering comfort and resources to their communities throughout this period of uncertainty. Watch here:

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